Japanese verb conjugation (cheat sheet)

Our cheat sheets have been some of the most popular posts on the blog for years, and we love receiving feedback and how they have been used, where in the world they are found, and teachers who swear by them.

We’ve been hard at work creating a series of cheat sheets for our Japanese textbook, but we like some of them so much that we’d also like to share them with our blog readers.

This cheat sheet is all about how to conjugate Japanese verbs, something that even advanced speakers occasionally scratch their heads about. It’ll take you through step by step how to identify which type of verb you are dealing with, and what you should do with it. We’ve also thrown in a handy quick-reference chart for good measure.

Japanese verbs conjugation table

You will need to be able to read hiragana to make good use of the sheet. If you can’t, do head over to Kana101 (it’s free!) and master it in just two weeks.

Feel free to print, share and use this cheat sheet as much as you please. We don’t ask any money for it, we only ask that you put it to good use, and use it to boost your Japanese studies.


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If you have any suggestions as to future cheat sheets that we could create, please let us know in the comments! Also, please check out our Japanese body parts, Japanese colour names and hiragana & katakana cheat sheets.

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