Japanese Weekly: Keeping you in the Japanese loop

You may have noticed that we’ve been posting a lot more regularly on the LinguaLift Japanese blog of late. We’re now proudly posting an average of five articles a week, ranging from notable Japanese artists to the latest Japanese robots to curious foodstuffs.

The blog, from its humble beginnings as an outlet for EduLift co-founder Philip Seyfi to write about product updates for his applications and musings on Japan, is now, in our opinion at least, a great resource to find out all manner of things about Japan and its language. There is now a whole team around the world who work tirelessly to investigate and explain things that we believe will be of interest to our readers.

We know that many people don’t like to use RSS to access blog feeds (if you don’t know what RSS is by the way, you should check it out), and not everybody follows our Twitter feeds or access content from our Facebook page. So, we decided to launch LinguaLift Weekly.

Japanese Newsletter

Japanese LinguaLift Weekly is a little email we have been sending out every Saturday for the last few weeks, and we hope to do so long into the future. Every issue has a roundup of the newest most popular posts on the blog from that week, with direct links to those posts for your convenience.

Japanese language nerds will appreciate a yojijukugo (四字熟語) of the week. Yojijukugo are kanji compounds of exactly four characters that have an interesting idiomatic or philosophical meaning. They’re great as they are accessible to the earliest beginner who has only just mastered the kana or a great tool for the advanced learner who is delving deep into kanji study and wants to become more expressive in speech.

Additionally, we trawl through the archives of over 175 articles and select one that we are particularly fond of, and add it to the newsletter. If there is an old post of ours that you think we should include, or you have a favourite yojijikugo, do let us know.

Subscribers to Japanese LinguaLift will hopefully especially appreciate the newsletter, as every week we’ll also share the latest changes we’ve made to our Japanese textbook and other tools. You can be among the first to hear of a new feature, upgraded application or exciting news from EduLift HQ!

It’s free to subscribe, and you can unsubscribe at any time (we’d much rather we only sent the email to people who actually benefited from it, rather than getting annoyed by another email, or letting it sit unread gathering virtual dust for weeks!). You’ll see a signup box at the bottom of this post. Just enter your email, click the confirmation link, and you’re away!

One final thing, you’ll notice that the e-mail address from which we send emails is our actual e-mail—not some nondescript no-reply address. Please do reply to them and let us know your thoughts and keep us on our toes. We love receiving feedback from our readers.